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 CSCDA Announces New Executive Director

The California Statewide Communities Development Authority Commission (CSCDA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Catherine Bando, as Executive Director effective January 16, 2014. The Commission’s action comes with the fullest confidence that Bando will be an excellent steward of CSCDA’s mission in assisting local government by creating economic development throughout California. 

Before joining the CSCDA Bando served as a public finance investment banker in California since 1985. During her time as an investment banker Bando served over 300 California local governments on over $20 billion of tax-exempt and taxable bond offerings. Among her many accomplishments, Bando managed the $1.89 billion CSCDA Prop 1A securitization of the State budget stabilization obligation for more than 1,200 local governments in 2009 which was the largest public agency pooled financing ever completed. Bando’s broad experience also includes general obligation bonds, pension obligation bonds, commercial paper programs, tobacco securitizations, and lease and land-secured financings. 

Bando says of her new position, "I’m excited to join CSCDA and look forward to working with the Commission, CSCDA’s sponsors, the California State Association of Counties and the League of California Cities, and the management team as we continue to build CSCDA’s excellent array of products and services. It is an honor to join an innovative organization that has worked with the highest level of integrity for over 25 years to serve California local governments and public benefit entities.” 

CSCDA Commission Chair, Larry Combs adds, "The Commission is excited to have Ms. Bando on board as the CSCDA Executive Director. Her knowledge and experience in addressing the financial challenges facing local governments in California along with her familiarity with CSCDA by managing some of our most successful public agency finance programs makes her an excellent choice.” 

More information about the CSCDA can be found at

CSAC Finance Corporation Announces OnSite Employee Health Clinic Program

A healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce. In a continued effort to help counties contain spiraling healthcare costs, the CSAC Finance Corporation is excited to announce our newest program to place onsite employee health clinics in California counties. After an extensive RFP and due diligence process conducted by the CSAC Finance Corporation and overseen by County officials, Medcor, Inc. has been selected as the program provider and newest partner of the CSAC Finance Corporation.

With the new OnSite Employee Health Clinic Program, the potential for savings is significant in general health, increased productivity and workers compensation. Additionally, employees report services like these as one of the most valuable benefits their employers offer.

Medcor has developed proven systems for onsite employee health clinics with important factors including:


  • Flexibility to tailor clinic solutions to your county;
  • Clinics dedicated to your employees and dependents to provide convenient access, including same day appointments;
  • Resolving workers’ compensation injuries onsite quickly and avoiding unnecessary claims;
  • Chronic disease management;
  • Evidence-based medicine to help your employees recover sooner, suffer less and return to productive work without disability;
  • Accurate assessments for complete care;
  • Best health outcomes to drive down medical costs;
  • Coordination of care with community providers and specialists as needed; and
  • Focus on wellness to help your employees maintain healthy lifestyles.
As counties face mounting medical costs and challenges in trying to plan for medical rate increases, Medcor’s onsite employee health clinics can help you manage your premiums and create a healthier workforce. For more information on how your county can begin focusing on the health of your employees and containing costs with Medcor please contact Laura Labanieh Campbell at or 916.650.8186 or Medcor’s Cody Seeger at or 815.363.9500 x5334. Visit Medcor online at CSAC.


CSAC Finance Corporation Partners With Towers Watson

The California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Finance Corporation and Extend Health, a Towers Watson company, have announced a partnership that will allow California counties to provide health benefits for their Medicare-eligible retirees and dependents on the nation's largest private Medicare exchange. Extend Health was acquired by global professional services company Towers Watson in 2012 and operates as Towers Watson's Exchange Solutions business segment.

"The CSAC Finance Corporation is dedicated to offering effective, cost-saving programs and services that contribute to the economic well-being of California's counties," said Nancy Parrish, CSAC Finance Corporation's Executive Director. "We conducted a competitive bid process to identify the best provider for our Medicare health coverage solution and Towers Watson's Medicare exchange was the clear leader. Our counties are under mounting pressure to maximize the value of every tax dollar spent while meeting their commitments to those who have worked to serve California residents in their careers. This partnership allows California counties to increase their retirees' health coverage options, and gives them expert advice to pick the best coverage for them with a program that is cost-effective and sustainable for the county."

The Medicare exchange is a foundational component of Towers Watson's OneExchange suite of proven, end-to-end and seamlessly integrated exchange solutions. It offers thousands of private Medicare plans from more than 85 health insurance carriers in addition to licensed benefit advisors and technology-based decision support tools, which provide personalized guidance to retirees. Nearly 300 public and private sector employers and trade associations have used the Medicare exchange to connect over a half million customers with health coverage.

"Through the exchange, we are able to provide our retirees a wide choice of high-quality Medicare plans as well as expert advice to help them choose among them," said Kathy Foster, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of the Alameda County Employees' Retirement Association (ACERA), which gave its retirees access to the private Medicare exchange this year. "With the Medicare exchange we have been able to provide Alameda County retirees with high-quality health coverage as an alternative to a high-cost group plan that was becoming unsustainable."

"We support CSAC's mission of ensuring retired county employees and their families have access to a wide range of Medicare plan choices at competitive prices, as well as guided support during the selection process and beyond," said Bryce Williams, managing director of Exchange Solutions for Towers Watson and founder of Extend Health. "With our California roots, we take special pride in being able to offer our services in the communities where many of us live and work.".

CSAC Finance Corporation and CSCDA Unveil Two New Energy Programs

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Programs created much excitement over the last couple years as they created a great financing tool for property owners to install energy and water improvements to be paid back via a line item on their property tax bill. Unfortunately, PACE financing for residential properties was dealt a serious blow in 2010 when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac refused to back mortgages with PACE liens on them. Working around these challenges, the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA), a program of the CSAC Finance Corporation, unveiled CaliforniaFIRST on September 19th, a PACE program years in the making.

CaliforniaFIRST was launched in 14 California counties and 126 cities and is a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) finance program for non-residential properties. The Program allows property owners to finance the installation of energy and water improvements on commercial, industrial or multi-family buildings and pay the amount back as a line item on their property tax bill. The CaliforniaFIRST Program is administered by Renewable Funding. More information on CaliiforniaFIRST, can be found at

Recognizing the need for public agencies and nonprofits to conduct your own energy improvements, CSCDA also unviled the Sustainable Energy Bond Program to provide public agencies and nonprofit organizations throughout California with access to tax exempt financing for critical sustainable energy investments. This program empowers counties and other public agencies to contract with an Energy Service Company (ESCO) to complete energy and water conservation measures. Improvements could include street lighting, building lighting, pumps, HVAC, system controls, boilers, chillers, ducting, windows, partial roofing, toilets and others. More information on the Sustainable Energy Bond Program can be found at here.

CSCDA creates innovative, low-cost, pooled finance programs to respond to the fiscal needs of city and county participants. Both CSCDA and the CSAC Finance Corporation strive to be responsive to county and local government needs by creating programs to address real-time issues your currently facing. For more information on these programs, or if you have any ideas on other program needs, please contact Laura Labanieh Campbell, CSAC Finance Corporation Director of Operations, at 916.650.8186 or




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